Wireshark 1.12.4

Wireshark 1.12.4 released with new and updated Capture File Support

Wireshark 1.12.4 recently released, is a free, open source packet analyzer used for network troubleshooting, monitoring, analysis, software and communications protocol development. The latest release Wireshark 1.12.4 comes with a number of vulnerabilities & bug fixes, including new and updated Capture File Support – NetScaler, PacketLogger, and Pcapng. Wireshark 1.12.4 changelog RTP player crashes on decode of long call: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation) “Telephony→SCTP→Analyse This Association” crashes Wireshark on manufactured SCTP packet IPv6 Mobility Header Link Layer Address is parsed incorrectly DNS NXT RR is parsed incorrectly IPv6 AUTH mobility option parses Mobility SPI and Authentication Data incorrectly IPv6 Mobility Header Link-Layer Address Mobility Option is parsed incorrectly HTTP chunked response includes data beyond the chunked response.