Wine 1.7.43

Wine 1.7.43 released with support for WoW64 mode on ARM64

Wine 1.7.43 recently released, comes various bug fixes including support for support for WoW64 mode on ARM64, Improved support for Shell Browser windows, Some more API Sets libraries, Read/write operations support with built-in devices, and┬áMajor Catalan translation update . Wine (Wine Is Not An Emulator) as we already know is a software for running Windows applications on Linux machines. Wine 1.7.43 changelog WinBoard console window stops working after 32767 chars Legions Overdrive: crashes when starting a game Mini Racing Online: Cars are invisible Starcraft Campaign Editor shows Wine icon instead of map icon Battlefield Bad Company 2 audio doesn’t work in-game C&C – Red Alert 2 can not enter campaign when fullscreen JScript Date.