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Tor Browser 4.0.8 released

Mike Perry announced the release of Tor Browser 4.0.8, a new stable release by the Tor Browser team. This version is exactly the same as 4.0.7, which was briefly advertised to users last week but then withdrawn because a bug would have caused it to endlessly recommend updating. This release includes Tor, which fixes the recent onion service and client crash bugs. Both 4.0.7 and 4.0.8 contain an update to the included Tor software, to fix two crash bugs in the version of the Tor software included prior to 4.

Internet Explorer to be replaced by Spartan Browser

The latest news in the Tech world is the planned replacement of desktop most popular browser “Microsoft Internet Explorer” to a new browser codenamed “Spartan” in Windows 10. As reported by The Verge, the new browser will include a host of new features not found in rival browsers. Among the plans for Spartan is new inking support that allows Windows 10 users to annotate a web page with a stylus and send the notes and annotations to a friend or colleague The web note service will be powered by Microsoft’s one-drive cloud storage, meaning notes will be stored on a copy of a web page that can be accessed by any browser across multiple platforms As annotations are shared, multiple users can doodle on a web page and share edits and annotations between groups A second major feature for Spartan will be the integration of Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant.