Download Ubuntu 16.10 Default Wallpaper

Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) default wallpaper is now available for download. For those who may not know, Ubuntu 16.10 is currently scheduled to be released in October 2016. As published by OMG! website being the first to announce this: The new wallpaper continues to iterate rather than renovate the preceding release’s design. The new Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper is a lighter, brighter riff on Ubuntu’s 16.04 backdrop. Angular, geometric accents are still present, but more prominent in this redesign.

Fedora 24 default wallpaper announced

Sirko Kemter a member of the Fedora project design team yesterday announced the winners of the wallpapers community activity that is expected to be included in the upcoming Fedora 24 Linux operating system, which is due for release in June 7, 2016. Note that Fedora 24 Linux operating system is still currently in the development stage. “Each release, the Fedora Design team collaborates with the Fedora community to release a set of 16 additional backgrounds to install and use on Fedora.

Variety 0.5.4 Wallpaper Changer released

Variety 0.5.4 recently released, is an open-source wallpaper changer for Linux. Variety is packed with great features, yet slim and easy to use. It can use local images or automatically download wallpapers from lots of online sources, allows you to rotate them on a regular interval, and provides easy ways to separate the great images from the junk. Variety can also display wise and funny quotations or a nice digital clock on the desktop.

Download Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Community Wallpaper

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Community Wallpaper is now available for download. These wallpapers are chosen via a contest in which various users participate by submitting his/her own wallpaper design and based on successful wallpapers, they are then made available in the next Ubuntu release. This contest is guided by various guidelines required by the developer of the Canonical Design team. The top 10 successful wallpapers that won the Ubuntu 15.04 community wallpaper contest which took place on Flickr are shown below: Download Ubuntu 15.