Vivid Vervet

Ubuntu 15.04 “Vivid Vervet” released‏ with switch from upstart to systemd

Ubuntu 15.04 codenamed “Vivid Vervet”, had just been released today. One of the key changes in this latest version is the switch from upstart to systemd as the default for managing boot and system service startup. Under the hood, there have been updates to many core packages, including a new 3.19-based kernel, a new glibc, and much more. Ubuntu 15.04 updates Ubuntu Desktop has seen incremental improvements, with newer versions of GTK and Qt, updates to major packages like Firefox and LibreOffice, and stability improvements to Unity.

Download Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Community Wallpaper

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Community Wallpaper is now available for download. These wallpapers are chosen via a contest in which various users participate by submitting his/her own wallpaper design and based on successful wallpapers, they are then made available in the next Ubuntu release. This contest is guided by various guidelines required by the developer of the Canonical Design team. The top 10 successful wallpapers that won the Ubuntu 15.04 community wallpaper contest which took place on Flickr are shown below: Download Ubuntu 15.