Recent Windows 10 Updates may uninstall softwares without permission

There have been recent reports that recent Microsoft Windows 10 updates may be removing or uninstalling user installed applications from your machine. This follows recent complaints by some users that the update has been removing programs, typically those that assist with hardware management or monitoring tools, without any notification or simple prompt message. According to complaints reported on Reddit, some known affected softwares are Speccy and CPU-Z, which allow users to more easily see and control their system components, and most especially AMD’s Catalyst Control Center, a core program for Radeon users allowing them to control various video card settings directly from within the operating system.

Linux Kernel 4.2-RC5 released

Linus Torvalds recently announced the fifth release of Linux Kernel 4.2-RC5, which is immediate availability for download and testing. According to Torvalds, it’s looking like 4.2 might be one of the releases needing more than the usual seven rc releases – things aren’t calming down like I would wish, and we’ve still had some fairly annoying issues pop up. For example, there was a core VFS fix merged just yesterday – the bug itself was old, but some changes in this merge window ended up triggering it much more easily.

Installing WSUS Server Role on Windows Server 2012 with Microsoft SQL Clustered Database

Bonjour à tous (For those of us who don’t know French, its ‘Hello Everyone’ :)). I just started learning French, so hoping to do better than this. WSUS is one of my favorite application and I taught it wise to show us how to setup one on a Windows Server 2012 but this time using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Cluster. To begin with, you need to ensure you have a clustered SQL environment already in place.