Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 for Ubuntu Phones will be Launched on January 2016

Today, December 18, Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak has sent in his daily report for the day of December 17 to inform all Ubuntu Phone users and Ubuntu Touch developers about the latest improvements to the upcoming OTA-9 software update. According to update: Mr. Zemczak also informs Ubuntu Touch developers that they should hurry up with the landings because the team will not accept any huge last-minute changes after the feature and string freeze.

Ubuntu Touch to Get FM Support for Aquaris e4.5 and E5 HD

A couple of developers have started to work on bringing support for Fm to the Ubuntu Touch phones, and progress is already under way, but it’s more complicated than it sounds. Many of the available SoC solutions used in today’s smartphones usually have FM support, but it’s not enabled by the makers of the phones. It’s not clear how or why FM support has fallen out of favor, but it’s no longer available by default.

Ubuntu Touch 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) Daily Images now available

Ubuntu Touch 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) Daily Images are now available for you to download and install on your Ubuntu phone. The Preinstalled Touch Image allows you to install a preinstalled preview of Ubuntu Touch onto a target device. There are two images available, each for a different type of computer: 32-bit PC (i386) preinstalled touch image For almost all PCs. This includes most machines with Intel/AMD/etc type processors and almost all computers that run Microsoft Windows, as well as newer Apple Macintosh systems based on Intel processors.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 Receives Next-Gen Bluetooth Support

Łukasz Zemczak from Canonical recently sent his daily report about the work done by the Ubuntu Touch developers in preparation for the upcoming OTA-9 software update for Ubuntu Phones, which is expected early next year. According to Zemczak: The team finally landed bluez5 in rc-proposed. After the landing got signed-off and published, we built an image to have a good test starting point. This release essentially opens up a whole new era in our bluetooth story.

Ubuntu Touch’s LibreOffice DocViewer App (Powered by LibreOfficeKit) now ready for testing

Alan Pope of Canonical had just announced the availability of Ubuntu Touch’s LibreOffice DocViewer App for testing. This ‘beta’ pre-release of Ubuntu DocViewer (Powered by LibreOfficeKit) is not currently in the store. He also noted the following info: Not all document types will open, and some may cause the app to crash or render incorrectly. There is no Document editing function, as this is a viewer only. Large documents may take a while to render, especially on low-end devices.

Win an Ubuntu Phone by Playing Ubuntu Touch Scope Roulette

Ubuntu’s scopes are like individual home screens for different kinds of content, giving you access to everything from movies and music to local services and social media, without having to go through individual apps. The Scope Roulette gives you a chance to learn more about scopes by swiping the animation to discover related content plus along the way there’s the chance to win Ubuntu Phone related prizes. Today, Canonical launched Scope Roulette, an interactive game that teaches you everything there is to know about Ubuntu Touch Scopes with a unique opportunity to win an Ubuntu Phone device.

Ubuntu Touch RTM version Officially Released

Canonical has released the first official version of Ubuntu Touch RTM (Release To Manufacturing), as its approaching the launching of the first Ubuntu Touch phones scheduled for the end of the year 2014. With the release of the Ubuntu Touch RTM version, Ubuntu users can now download this version and install on your their phones or tablets. The release at this stage is considered to be stable following numerous bugfixes and rigorous testings carried out by Canonical team.

Canonical Releases A New Ubuntu Touch Version

Following the recent release of Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr LTS, Canonical had been busy preparing the launching of Ubuntu Touch Operating System which is based on the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for both mobile phones and tablets. With the introduction of Ubuntu Touch into the Ubuntu 14.04 family, this is clear indication of how passionate Canonical are in ensuring that every Ubuntu enthusiasts and developers have great experience with this products.