Trusty Tahr

FFmpeg 2.8.3 “Feynman” Released

FFmpeg 2.8.3 “Feynman” recently released, is the leading multimedia framework, cross-platform solution that is used to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream,filter and play any audio or video files. FFmpeg 2.8.3 changelog Fix “left shift of negative value -31767” Check subtitle stream before dereferencing Do the xtea decryption in little endian mode Replace assert by request for sample for unsupported TRNS cases Fix potential integer overflow with tile dimensions Fix input size check in dxtory_decode_v1_410() Check that the data size is a multiple of a sample vector Fix input size check in dxtory_decode_v1_420() avoid accessing previous or next frames tables beyond height avcodec/flashsv: Check size before updating it avcodec/ivi: Check image dimensions See changelog for full details

Disable Unity Online Search in Ubuntu 14.04

This is a step by step tutorial on how to disable Unity Online Search. Whenever you search for an application or file in Dash, you notice that your search results also shows results from other 3rd parties like Amazon and other ads. Sometimes, this could be annoying as you would only want results from your machine. To limit the search result, do the following: – Click on System Settings Security & Privacy – Click Search tab and click ON to change to OFF – When next you search for an application, the search result is limited and not cover the entire screen.

Install Gnome Classic (Flashback) Session in Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr comes with the default Unity Desktop Environment, but for some of us that prefer a more traditional styled desktop, Gnome Flashback Sessions formally known as Gnome Classic does offer you with the old fashion 2-bar panels. Install Gnome Flashback (Classic) Session – Open terminal and run this command sudo apt-get install gnome-session-flashback – Alternatively, click button below to install [button link=”apt://gnome-session-flashback” style=”tick” color=”primary” style=”download”]Install Gnome Flashback (Classic) Session[/button] – Next save your work and log out.

Install Google Earth in Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr

To successfully install Google Earth on Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit), you will need to install the 32bit package and its dependencies. This is due to the required ia32-libs which is deprecated and no longer available in Ubuntu 14.10. Change log of this version The “Enable Controller” option in user preferences is now turned off by default. This prevents red directional arrows from displaying as a result of uncalibrated joysticks and other controllers being connected to Earth at startup.

Install PlayOnLinux in Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10

PlayOnLinux is a frontend piece of software for Wine, that allows you to easily install and run many Windows applications with relative ease on Linux and Mac OS X. PlayOnLiux is free and does not require a Windows licence for use. Few games are compatible with GNU/Linux at the moment and it certainly is a factor preventing the migration to this system. PlayOnLinux brings a cost-free, accessible and efficient solution to this problem Features You don’t have to own a Windows license to use PlayOnLinux.

Install Virtualbox Guest Additions in Ubuntu 14.04

If you have recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr on Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, you may notice that your screen isn’t re-sizing and you are unable to copy and paste into the terminal even after you had set both ‘Shared Clipboard’ and ‘Dran’n’Drop’ to Bidirectional. You need to install the VirtulaBox Guest Additions to resolve this. Below is recommended steps to accomplish that: Install Steps – Install DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module Support) Package

Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr now out

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS code named “Trusty Tahr”, finally released yesterday 17, April 2014. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is the latest release of Ubuntu which is designed to work beautifully on the latest laptops, desktops and touch screen devices, it looks incredible on high resolution screens — and with touch screen enhancements and interface refinements including individual menu bars in each application window, it’s now even easier to useThis release includes the Linux kernel v3.

Install Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Alpha 2 on VirtualBox

The alpha 2 release for Ubuntu 14.04 is now available for download and testing. Note that this release does not come with the Unity DE. The other versions currently available in this family are GNOME, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Kylin, and Ubuntu Cloud Image. Step 1: Download Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) Alpha 2 [button link=”” style=”download” color=”primary” class=”sys_btn”]PC (Intel x86) desktop image[/button] [button link=”” style=”download” color=”primary” class=”sys_btn”]64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop image[/button] Step 2: Install Ubuntu 14.