Change your Ubuntu Folder color

If you desire to have a better visual layout of your Ubuntu folder directories, then Folder Color is what you need. Folder Color is an open-source application that allows users to easily color or change the color of their folder icons. This was initially used in Nautilus but now also added to the default repoitory for Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet. Folder Color supports the following file browsers Nautilus, Nemo & Caja in these desktops: Unity, GNOME, Cinnamon, & MATE You can choose the color or emblem of a folder from a predefined color templates Change the color of a folder with just a right click!

Install and configure CA Online Responder – AD CS Part3

I will be covering the final piece of the AD CS configuration, configuring CA Online Responder. This will include configuring the Certificate Autoenrollment using group policy; adding the Revocation Configuration to the OCSP Responder; and Verify the AD CS setup. Setup Guide: 1. Configure Certificate Autoenrollment using group policy – Log onto the domain controller -> click Start ->Administrative Tools -> click Group Policy Management – Expand the Group Policy Objects in the forest\domain containing the Default Domain Policy Group Policy object (GPO) -> Right-click the Default Domain Policy GPO -> click Edit

Install and configure CA Online Responder – AD CS Part2

For Certificate Authority to support the Online Responder service, we need to add the location of the Online Responder to the authority information access extension of issued certificates and enable the certificate templates. Requirement: IIS service is required. You will be prompted to install IIS during setup. Setup Guide: 1. Install Online Response Service – Click Start - Administrative Tools - click Server Manager – Expand Roles - right-click Active Directory Certificate Services - click Add role services – On the Select Role Services page - select the Online Responder check box - You are prompted to install IIS and Windows Activation Service - click Add Required Role Services - click Next – Click Next on Web Server IIS - On Select Role Services - click Next – On the Confirm Installation Selections page - click Install – When the installation is complete - Review the status page to verify that the installation was successful - click Close Note: During the setup process, a virtual directory named OCSP is created in IIS, and the ISAPI extension used as the Web proxy is registered.