Steam Client

Steam Client Update Released

Valve had just released a new Steam Client update for all supported operating systems, including SteamOS/Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X, bringing various improvements to the Big Picture mode, In-Home streaming, and Steam Controller support. Steam Client Update: Big Picture Added store setting to view featured games from all platforms when running on OS X or SteamOS Fixed an error that could prevent you from adding items to the Store shopping cart In-Home Streaming Improved stability and reduced Steam CPU usage under many hardware configurations Improved streaming gamepad compatibility with The Beginner’s Guide and other games Added mouse cursor constraints for Windows hosts so the cursor cannot be lost off-screen Steam Controller Fixed detection of controllers in the Settings panels when streaming from a Steam Link device Fixed an issue where firmware updates would not apply while In-Home Streaming is active Fixed an issue where some developer-approved configurations were not being displayed Fixed game action set legacy bindings not working beyond the first preset slot Fixed an issue where mode-shifted analog sticks could lose input