Semantic Ui 1.11.0

Semantic UI 1.11.0 released

Semantic UI 1.11.0 recently released, is a highly-themable UI framework that offers complete design freedom. It is designed completely with EM values for making responsive sizing designs. This latest release comes with a new component “Visibiliity” – Attach callbacks to elements visibility conditions like top visible bottom visible, passing. Useful for things like: image lazy loading, infinite scroll content, and recording tracking metrics. Semantic UI 1.11.0 New Enhancement Form – now receive error formatting on form error Transition – Added more reasonable default durations for each animation Loader – inline loader now has a centered variation Modal – Modal no longer hides and reshows dimmer when opening a modal with another modal open withexclusive: true Popup – Added exclusive parameter to automatically close other popups on open Transition – Added toggle behavior and docs for show and hide Transition – transition now has stop, stop all, and clear queue for removing transitions, (undocumented method stop, and start renamed to enable and disable) Dimmer – Add opacity setting to override css value.