Soccer League Word Search

Soccer League Word Search is the latest classical word search puzzle game in store. Soccer League Word Search primarily focuses on some of the top football leagues in the world and their corresponding clubs. One of the catch for this puzzle game is for football or soccer lovers to know the different leagues in different parts of the continent and their club names, so a lot of hard work had been put into updating the different leagues.

Recoll 1.20.5 text search tool now runs with Qt5

Recoll 1.20.5 recently released, is a full-text search tool for Unix and Linux desktops. Recoll finds keywords inside documents as well as file names. It can search most document formats, reach any storage place: files, archive members, email attachments, transparently handling decompression, One click will open the document inside a native editor or display an even quicker text preview. Recoll 1.20.5 is Recoll 1.20.4 with a few Qt 5 compatibility tweaks.

Disable Unity Online Search in Ubuntu 14.04

This is a step by step tutorial on how to disable Unity Online Search. Whenever you search for an application or file in Dash, you notice that your search results also shows results from other 3rd parties like Amazon and other ads. Sometimes, this could be annoying as you would only want results from your machine. To limit the search result, do the following: – Click on System Settings Security & Privacy – Click Search tab and click ON to change to OFF – When next you search for an application, the search result is limited and not cover the entire screen.