SDKBOX Version 1.3.1 Released

SDKBOX (aka The Cure for SDK Fatigue) is now fully launched and is a platform that provides a smooth integration of third party SDK services with games developed with industry-renowned Cocos2d-x game engine. The newly released version 1.3.1 includes support for Xcode 7 and iOS9 as well as maintenance updates, focusing on stability, bug fixes and updating 3rd party frameworks. Version 1.4 of SDKBOX is coming soon. This new release will add additional plugins for Scientific Revenue, Valuepotion, Play Phone and Appodeal.

Installing Andriod Phone Emulator on Windows 7

If you are looking to test a mobile app and would like to test run it on an emulator, one of numerous options available is to use the Android SDK virtual mobile device emulator which runs on a Windows machine. The emulator lets you run a prototype, develop and test Android applications without using an actual physical mobile phone. Follow the steps outlined below to successfully run an Android mobile emulator – Go to http://developer.