Pixelitor 3.1.1 Image Editor released

Pixelitor 3.1.1 recently released,┬áis a free and open source image editing software that supports layers, image effects, multiple undo etc. Currently its main strength lies in the more than 70 image filters and color adjustments, some of which are unique. Pixelitor changelog from v3.1.0 Clone Tool: new scale, rotate and mirror options Smudge Tool: soft brush option Pixel grid is disabled by default (see View/Show Pixel Grid) More angle settings for shape brushes Minor bugfixes and UI improvements New tool: Smudge Clone Tool: soft brush option “Random Filter” maintains history, and has “Back” and “Forward” buttons to navigate it A generic “Shape” brush type (instead of the “Heart” brush), with settings New filter: “Channel to Transparency” Minor bugfixes Install Pixelitor 3.