Add SMTP monitors on zabbix

As part of my series of setting up monitors on zabbix, I will share some of the counters I have configured on my zabbix server to monitor the SMTP servers. As I had earlier shown in previous post the importance of creating Templates to group items per servers or functions, I will only show screenshots of some SMTP counters. 1. First create a template for SMTP Servers 2. Create Application to capture the KPI’s to monitor 3.

How to find Perfmon counter key values for Zabbix

This post is simply to show us how to find a Perfmon counter key value for use when adding a Perfmon counter in Zabbix. – On your Windows server, click Start Administrative Tools Performance Monitor – Right-click on Performance Monitor Click on Properties – Under the properties screen, click on Data tab. As seen the default counter is ‘Processor Time in percentage‘ – The Key value for zabbix would be in this format: perf_counter[\Processor Information(_Total)\% Processor Time] I have also added a few more: – DNS Caching Memory: perf_counter[“\DNS\Caching Memory”]