Drawpile 1.0.2 a Paint Drawing App released with more bugfix

Drawpile 1.0.2 a Paint Drawing App recently released, is an open source, oriented drawing program which is similar to OpenCanvas, and it’s used for creating sketches. In addition to other features, DrawPile allows you to share your drawings live with other users over the internet, and you can draw simultaneously on the same picture. DrawPile 1.0.2 update: New feature: added option to split serverside recordings at each snapshot The “/force_snapshot” command is now available outside debug mode Fixed selection content stretching if selection was partially outside the canvas Improved URL detection in chat Simplified history conflict resolution (fixes some lagging issues) Hidden layers are no longer saved in a flattened image Fixed tablet pressure glitch at the beginning of a stroke Faster loading of OpenRaster images with a solid background layer Install DrawPile 1.