Vivaldi Snapshot 1.1.443.3 released with New tab options

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.1.443.3 recently released, is the first in the 1.1 series and its comes with a few new small features. You can now switch tabs when trying to close a pinned one, provide easier mass closing of tabs, add links to tab stacks by default and provide a new “keyboard shortcut to rule them all”. Other New Features Ctrl+W on pinned tabs will now switch back to the previously active tab.

Opera Developer 36.0.2079.0 Update released

Opera Developer 36.0.2079.0 update had been released. This is the last developer release and the last release in general. In this release, a number of issues had been fixed, crashes dealt with, and introduced a few improvements. There is also plan to introduce some Speed Dial adjustment changes soon in 2016. Opera Developer 36.0.2079.0 Changelog: [Tools] opera://profiler page doesn’t load fully Port extensions’ chrome.printerProvider API to Opera Use-after-free when closing Opera on Mac [HiDPI] Pages open at 200% zoom / 50% zoom Show sync button only when needed Make sure that sync authorization malfunction doesn’t cause a kickout Old search term and results reappear on alt+down after removing search term with Esc Adjust hint popups Unable to search in search box with search engine keyword.

Opera 34 – New Opera Turbo, Faster browsing on 3G and crowded Wi-Fi

Opera recently released an update of Opera 34 for computers which comes with the new version of data-savings technology, Opera Turbo. Opera 34 for computers makes life even easier because it has the next generation of Opera Turbo compression. It’s faster and more reliable, especially if the network has very low bandwidth and high latency. This new version of Opera Turbo performs even better on congested Wi-Fi areas, such as cafés, airports or schools.

Opera 34 Beta Build 34.0.2036.16 Browser released

Opera 34 Beta Build 34.0.2036.16 Browser was recently released, and this build features mostly the Chromium update plus a few usability and stability fixes. As we know, Opera is an open source graphical Web browser developed by Opera Software and available on several platforms. Opera 34 Beta Build 34.0.2036.16 changelog: Site causes Opera not to accept text in URL-field or in any text field (Silverlight issue?) [Mac 10.

Opera 35 Developer released with Mute me baby option

Opera 35 Developer was recently released and its uses Chromium 48 as it’s code base. As we know, Opera is an open source graphical Web browser developed by Opera Software and available on several platforms. Opera 35 Developer Changelog: Simple settings section – so that the most common settings are all together on one page, Further downloads improvements – Opera should ask you if you really want to close it and stop currently ongoing download, Sync – annoying duplicates creation should finally be solved in this cycle, Easier way to turn bookmarks bar on/off.

Opera 33 Chromium browser now performs even better on older hardware and slower network

The latest stable version available of Opera for computers is Opera 33. The previous version concentrated on privacy as a human right. This latest release brings support for proprietary codecs, including MP3, H264 and new logos, for the developer, beta and final versions of Opera. So what’s new in this stable release? Compressing data for smooth internet speed Opera for some years now have been working on a Turbo mode that speeds up performance on slow networks by compressing data such as images via their servers, so they download faster.

Install Opera Developer 33.0.1982.0 on Ubuntu OS

Opera Developer 33.0.1982.0 recently released, fixes a very annoying issue with opening links from external pages. The cancel button in download popup has also be implemented. You can also test autoupdate notification (visible in Opera menu on Windows and as a notification dialog on Mac). There is also improved stability, including fixes to a lot of bugs. Chromium is upgraded to version 46.0.2486.0. Known Issue: Flash plugin is not detectable on Mac and Linux – this has been fixed in the next developer release.

Opera 32 now with SurfEasy VPN feature

As security is now becoming increasingly important in our day to day internet surfing, the SurfEasy team has recently joined the Opera family, adding its VPN solution to its product lineup. What is a VPN? Well, imagine that basic internet communication is like sending a postcard. Almost everyone can read it, the post officer, post truck driver and even your neighbor. You trust they won’t use your private information, but you can never be sure.

Make Opera your default Windows 10 browser

Following the release of Windows 10, which comes with new features and an improved user interface looks and feel, Windows 10 also comes with some settings that can be a bit confusing and tricky to change, such as your default apps. When it comes to changing your default browser, there are several ways you can do this on Windows 10. How to set your default browser on Windows 10 from the Start menu: Click on the Start menu Settings  System At the bottom from the left-hand side of the screen Click Default apps Scroll down to Web browser click Microsoft Edge Click on Opera Internet Browser And that is it Video demonstration by Opera [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]https://www.

Opera beta 31.0.1889.98 update released

Opera beta 31.0.1889.98 which is the current update released, is an open source graphical Web browser developed by Opera Software and available on several platforms. The latest versions of Opera use the Blink layout engine. The most valuable feature is the ability to resume any download. Opera beta 31.0.1889.98 changelog DNA-39999 Crash in content::NavigationControllerImpl::DiscardNonCommittedEntries ☣ DNA-40154 [Win] Black border around address dropdown when connecting with remote desktop ☣ DNA-41298 Page http://psaudio.

Opera 31 Starts Up 70% faster

New important change have been introduced in Opera 31, this is improvement in its startup time. Opera for computers now starts up to 70% faster in comparison to previous versions. This is especially important and helpful for devices with slower, traditional hard drives. Discover gets a makeover Pages in Opera was redesigned so everything looks nice and modern. In Opera 31, Discover gets a better layout. Discover is a feature that serves you the most recent content from your region.

How to use/install agar.io bot on Google Chrome

Agario or Agar.io is the latest hit online game in the world now and its a must play game. The game play is for you to try to become the biggest cell or circle of them all. Control your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger! But watch out: players bigger than you will be trying to make you their lunch.gar.io. Survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in the game!

New Opera Mini for Android

For the Android fans, Opera team had just launched last week, the new Opera Mini 8 for Android. If you have Android 2.3 and up, this is the time to ensure you download it from Google Play. Below are the highlights of Opera Mini 8 for Android release: Data-saving is more visual Tap the O button, then Data Savings to see the magic. On the new Opera Mini for Android, the data-savings summary page now not only shows your total compression, but also provides a visual representation of your daily progress on data savings — the original size of the data versus how much data you actually received/downloaded after compression.

Sync your bookmarks with Opera 28

Opera 28 has just been released and this latest release allows you to sync bookmarks across computers, phones and tablets. Synchronization has been one of the top priorities on Opera’s feature list, and it’s been one of the most requested features. So, this release brings you a complete data-syncing experience, with new, improved synchronization feature. How to sync bookmarks Bookmark synchronization is available on Opera for computers, Opera Mini for iOS and Opera for Android.

Former Co Founder of Opera releases new browser – Vivaldi

Following the release of Microsoft browser Spartan, a former CEO / Co-Founder of Opera “Jon von Tetzchner” has just announced the release of a new browser called “Vivaldi“. The new browser, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, is still in its early days, but offers a number of features that loyal Opera users may remember. It sports mouse gestures for browsing and the familiar “speed dial” interface that shows your favorite tabs on the new tab page.

Install Opera Developer 24 for Linux in Ubuntu 14.04

The Opera Desktop Team have just announced on their website, the release of Opera Developer 24 for Linux. It is the first Chromium-based Linux version and it’s ready for download on their Developer stream site. According to the developers, adding Linux to their browser line fulfills an important part of Opera’s vision to shape an open, connected world. We want everyone to have fast and safe access to the web.

Install Opera 12.16 in Ubuntu 13.10, 14.04

Opera is an open source graphical Web browser developed by Opera Software and available on several platforms. The latest versions of Opera use the Blink layout engine. The most valuable feature is the Ability of Perfectly Resuming Any Download. Install using PPA Download Key wget -O - http://deb.opera.com/archive.key | sudo apt-key add - Setup Repository sudo sh -c 'echo "deb http://deb.opera.com/opera/ stable non-free" /etc/apt/sources.list.d/opera.list' Update and Install Opera sudo aptitude update sudo aptitude install opera [hr] Install Direct Download 32bit OS $ wget -c deb.