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Opera Developer 36.0.2120.0 Update released

Opera Developer 36.0.2120.0 update recently released, comes with some new exciting features and bug fixes. Notable feature is now the personalized news, which is now enabled in the developer stream, this feature takes advantage of your browsing history and adjusts your news page accordingly: Opera Developer 36.0.2120.0 changelog [Mac] Reduce size of Network Installer internationalizations [Mac] Duplicate “Enter Full Screen” menu item Auto-login after sync authorization malfunction Monitor won’t go sleep when Opera has animated theme Adjust pdf viewer styles after chromium intake Personalized News: improve performance Personalized News: Localize [Mac] Equalizer icon disappears after draging Tab in New Window WP4 – Visited style of the News articles Configuration hint tick is wrong way on Linux Placeholder instead of text in sync advanced settings [Win] Bigger context menus should work on other Win versions as Downloads – remaining time left unknown when paused download [Mac] Opera crashes after closing Tab via RMB in TabMenu Enable Personalized News on Developer [SP] The gap between the address bar and the first element [ Se Fix theme selector style to be more in-line with mockup [Win10] Align the address dropdown selection color with frame c [SP] Lazy load News images Side panel navigation broken in downloads [Linux] opera packages are missing opera_crashreporter binary [Mac] Opera freezes when going to fullscreen with more than one [Tools] Opera:activity pages keep loading [Tools] Full history is not displayed in opera:history [Win10] Bookmarks bar a little too high Sidebar config panel only previews first catalog theme [SP] Visual fixes Incorrect title on initial opening of BM from start page OMenu resized to tab size in maximize regardless of Windows 10 Speed dial view broken after switch back to it if there was a r Enable Windows 10 skin by default on stable/beta Start page view disappears on dbl click Middle clicking on news opens in a new foreground tab [Tools] History page hangs when accessed from navigation side p empty start page for fast clicking with start-page-web-ui-compo [SP] Favicons of components don’t show up on Windows 10 Adjust the WebUI entries of the Opera menu [Win] Startpage configuration hint hides right after it’s shown [Win10] Make the toolbar / BB icons much smaller in mouse mode [SP] Startpage URL with unrecognized path should not fail hard [Win10] Problems with layout in HiDPI Enable startpage hints on beta and stable Enable on developer Reduce News article count to 20 Move WebUI strings away from bookmark manager private api Use details_url instead of download_url for installed themes (T The theme selector wrongly initialized when created inside hidd Context menu option ‘Change theme’ in the start page should ope Add expandable sections Checkbox size in Settings and Start Page Config differ Install Opera Developer 36.

Opera Developer 36.0.2079.0 Update released

Opera Developer 36.0.2079.0 update had been released. This is the last developer release and the last release in general. In this release, a number of issues had been fixed, crashes dealt with, and introduced a few improvements. There is also plan to introduce some Speed Dial adjustment changes soon in 2016. Opera Developer 36.0.2079.0 Changelog: [Tools] opera://profiler page doesn’t load fully Port extensions’ chrome.printerProvider API to Opera Use-after-free when closing Opera on Mac [HiDPI] Pages open at 200% zoom / 50% zoom Show sync button only when needed Make sure that sync authorization malfunction doesn’t cause a kickout Old search term and results reappear on alt+down after removing search term with Esc Adjust hint popups Unable to search in search box with search engine keyword.

Install Opera Developer 33.0.1982.0 on Ubuntu OS

Opera Developer 33.0.1982.0 recently released, fixes a very annoying issue with opening links from external pages. The cancel button in download popup has also be implemented. You can also test autoupdate notification (visible in Opera menu on Windows and as a notification dialog on Mac). There is also improved stability, including fixes to a lot of bugs. Chromium is upgraded to version 46.0.2486.0. Known Issue: Flash plugin is not detectable on Mac and Linux – this has been fixed in the next developer release.