OpenCV 3.1 released

OpenCV 3.1 recently released, is the first stabilization update in 3.x series. This latest release supports fresh Operating Systems from Microsoft and Apple: Windows 10 and OSX 10.11 as well as the newest development tools (Visual Studio 2015 and XCode 7.1.1, respectively). OpenCV 3.1 Changes: A lot of new functionality has been introduced during Google Summer of Code 2015: Several advanced calibration methods Deep neural networks frameworks (without training) Improved text detection Better stereo correspondence New detection and tracking algorithms Structure from motion and stereo 3D reconstruction and more Many great contributions made by the community, such as: Support for HDF5 format New/Improved optical flow algorithms Multiple new image processing algorithms for filtering, segmentation and feature detection Superpixel segmentation and much more IPPICV is now based on IPP 9.

OpenCV 3.0 Gold released

OpenCV 3.0 Gold which was released early last month, is the most functional and the fastest OpenCV ever. This release comes with over 1500 patches, opencv_contrib repository has been added. A lot of new functionality have been included in the release. OpenCV 3.0 Gold changelog opencv_contrib ( repository has been added. A lot of new functionality is there already! opencv_contrib is only compatible with 3.0/master, not 2.4. a subset of Intel IPP (IPPCV) is given to us and our users free of charge, free of licensing fees, for commercial and non-commerical use.

Install OpenCV 2.4.9 in Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10

OpenCV is the most popular and advanced code library for Computer Vision related applications today, spanning from many very basic tasks (capture and pre-processing of image data) to high-level algorithms (feature extraction, motion tracking, machine learning). It is free software and provides a rich API in C, C++, Java and Python. Other wrappers are available. The library itself is platform-independent and often used for real-time image processing and computer vision. What’s new in 2.