Google and Asus Will Be Releasing The Second OnHub Router Soon

Two months ago, Google and TP Link have announced the first Google OnHub router (premium), a device that delivers fast wireless internet access and has an easy-to-use interface.┬áBut it looks like Google takes the router business very serious, now announcing that the second OnHub router will be manufactured by Asus, a vendor that has already worked with Google and released a Nexus device. Unlike the first router, the Asus OnHub router will also support motion control, permitting the users to wave the hand over the top of the router to increase the speed for a specific device, via the newly implemented “Wave Control” feature.

It looks like Google OnHub Router Is Using A Custom Version Of ChromeOS

As you may remember, Google and TP-Link have announced that Google OnHub Router, a premium router that was first said to run a modified version of Gentoo, one of the oldest Linux distributions. It is a modern dual-band wireless router, operating networks on both 2.4GHz and 5GH frequencies. But a bunch of geeks have disassembled the router and studied it closely, discovering that the device is actually running a modified version of ChromeOS, which is the default OS of the Chromebooks.