Music Player Daemon

Audacious 3.6 Alpha 1 released

Audacious 3.6 alpha 1 recently released, is one of the best lightweight music player – is an advanced, feature rich music player for GNOME using GTK 3 interface. Its got a clean interface, with support for real-time audio effects, visualization, equalizer, lyrics and other plugins, themes (including Winamp Classic style), powerful configuration options and multiple playlists organized in tabs. Enjoy the modern GTK-themed interface or change things up with Winamp Classic skins.

Cantata 1.4.1 Music Player Released with Updates & Bugfix

Cantata is a feature-rich and user friendly client for Music Player Daemon (MPD). MPD is a background application that can be used to play music. Cantata can be compiled with KDE support, or as a pure Qt4 application. The interface is very configurable – most views can be shown as either a list or tree structure. Cantata 1.4.1 Updates Update current song to scrobble, even if disabled, so that when enabled we can scrobble.