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Groove Music App for Windows 10 Mobile Update released

Microsoft recently announced the release of Groove Music App for Windows 10 mobile version 3.6.1537.0 update. This means that the new version of the application is already in Windows Store. This latest release comes with some improvements and new features. You can share a link to music by tapping Share in the context menu. Tell your friends what you’ve been listening to! We now only automatically show more albums for artists you’re exploring if you aren’t on a metered data connection to reduce data usage.

Install Ubuntu Touch Music App 2.0 on Ubuntu 14.10

Mark Shuttleworth’s last year set himself target to achieving Convergence on all Ubuntu enabled devices. Convergence is an idea that there should be ONLY one operating system that runs on all devices. So your smart phone, tablet, PC, and TV would all run the same Operating System meaning apps designed to run on one device will also run on other devices as well and the design will adapt to the display being used.