GNOME 3.19.3 released with Improvement on GTK+ drag and Drop, Nautilus

GNOME 3.19.3 had just been recently released a week before Christmas. This release comes with plenty of updates, improvements and bug fixes which includes GNOME Maps now supports editing locations in OpenStreetMap, wayland: Implement DND icon hotspot API, more of the DND implementation is now handled in GDK: creating the drag window, moving the window along with the cursor, the drag cancel animation. Others are: Mouse – Added a notification for the multiple copy actions, and a new menu for actions on the view Mouse – Force 2-finger scroll by default if available – Migrate scroll-method key to new edge-scrolling-enabled key The libdbus-1 backend has been removed.

Become a Google’s Pokemon Master on April Fools’

It’s 31st of March, and already the April Fools’ pranks are already rolling in. One of the first is Google, known for its weird and wonderful April Fools’ Jokes :). Its already April 1st in Australia and Japan, the Google Maps team has introduced a reality Pokemon Challenge game. As an aspiring Pokemon Master :), Google gives you an opportunity to start discovering and catching some famous Nintendo’s creatures appearing on Google Maps.