Manjaro 15.12

Manjaro 15.12 preview 2 released with XFCE 4.12, KDE Plasma 5.4.3, 4.3.0 kernel Support

Philip Müller, Manjaro Development Team recently announced the release of Manjaro 15.12 Preview 2. This release comes with XFCE 4.12, KDE Plasma 5.4.3, 4.3.0 kernel and all the usual Manjaro and upstream updates. We worked mostly on our tools and the graphical installers. Noteable Calamares changes are: we reworked our preview of all installation options some UEFI issues got fixed it is now possible to use the same password also for the root account bootloaders can now be optionally installed Noteable changes in our tools: kcm module of Manjaro-Settings got reworked several enhancements to Pamac and Octopi optimizations and fixes to Manjaro-Tools a lvm issue was fixed within Thus Download here