Mail Client

Thunderbird 38.4.0 Mozilla mail client released with various fixes

Thunderbird 38.4.0 Mozilla mail client recently released, is a free, cross-platform email application for managing email and news feeds. It is a local (rather than a web-based)email application that is powerful yet easy-to-use. Thunderbird is easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features. Thunderbird 38.4.0 changelog Fixed issue where messages moves of multiple messages from a maildir folder to an mbox folder failed. NSS and NSPR memory corruption issues Mixed content WebSocket policy bypass through workers Vulnerabilities found through code inspection JavaScript garbage collection crash with Java applet Memory corruption in libjar through zip files CORS preflight is bypassed when non-standard Content-Type headers are received Buffer overflow during image interactions in canvas Trailing whitespace in IP address hostnames can bypass same-origin policy Miscellaneous memory safety hazards Install Thunderbird 38.

Install Geary 0.7.0 Pre-release on Ubuntu 14.04

Geary is an email reader for GNOME 3 designed to let you read your email quickly and effortlessly. Its interface is based on conversations, so you can easily read an entire discussion without having to click from message to message. Features Modern and straightforward interface Quick account setup Supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, and popular IMAP servers (Dovecot, Cyrus, Zimbra, etc.) Mail organized by conversations Full-featured HTML mail composer Fast keyword search Desktop notification of new mail Geary 0.