GParted LiveCD 0.26.1-5 released – Based on the Debian Sid repository

GParted LiveCD 0.26.1-5 recently released, is a free partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions. GParted uses libparted to detect and manipulate devices and partition tables while several (optional) filesystem tools provide support for filesystems not included in libparted. This release fixes boot and window bar issues when used on VirtualBox. Also included are patches for libparted for FAT file system operations. GParted LiveCD 0.26.1-5 update Based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2016/Jul/23) Fixes VirtualBox with BIOS boot won’t enter X Windows (bug 761343) Fixes window bars missing on VirtualBox Includes patched version of libparted which fixes: check FAT32 crashes (bug 762448) resized FAT32 not recognized by Windows (bug 759916) This release of GParted Live has been successfully tested on VirtualBox, VMware, BIOS, UEFI, and physical computers with AMD/ATI, NVidia, and Intel graphics