Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel 4.3.3 / 4.2.8 / 4.1.15 released

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of Linux Kernel 4.3.3 / 4.2.8 / 4.1.15 which brings driver updates, filesystem changes, enhancements and optimizations. Notable issues addressed includes fix regression running delayed references when using qgroups, apply Skylake fix-ups to Broxton display codec, fix Kconfig dependency, fix memory leak in ext4_bio_write_page() etc. See links below for details Install Linux Kernel 4.1.15 on Ubuntu Linux 32bit OS cd /tmp wget http://kernel.

Chakra 2015.11-Fermi released with KDE Plasma 5, Linux Kernel 4.1 LTS

Chakra 2015.11-Fermi recently released, is a GNU/Linux distribution with an emphasis on KDE and Qt technologies that focuses on simplicity from a technical standpoint and free software. As always, this release is a snapshot of our stable repositories and includes all the updates and changes that have happened in Chakra since the last release. The Fermi series of ISO releases marks some very important changes for Chakra: Plasma 5 is the default desktop environment, replacing kde-workspace 4.

Linux Kernel 4.2-RC5 released

Linus Torvalds recently announced the fifth release of Linux Kernel 4.2-RC5, which is immediate availability for download and testing. According to Torvalds, it’s looking like 4.2 might be one of the releases needing more than the usual seven rc releases – things aren’t calming down like I would wish, and we’ve still had some fairly annoying issues pop up. For example, there was a core VFS fix merged just yesterday – the bug itself was old, but some changes in this merge window ended up triggering it much more easily.

Kernel 4.0.5 released with architecture updates

Greg Kroah-Hartman recently announced the release of Linux Kernel 4.0.5, which has been tagged the most advanced and stable kernel version currently available. Linux kernel 4.0.5 brings architecture updates for ARM, x86, MIPS, PowerPC, s390, ARM64, and PA-RISC, filesystem specific optimizations for Btrfs, EXT4, XFS, OverlayFS, jbd2, Optimized MPEG Filesystem (OMFS), and NFS and updated drivers, among others. Linux Kernel 4.0.5 changelog sd: Disable support for 256 byte/sector disks fix race when unfreezing sync_action UBI: block: Add missing cache flushes drm/amdkfd: Don’t report local memory size dm: fix reload failure of 0 path multipath mapping on blk-mq devices Revert “drm/radeon: only mark audio as connected if the monitor supports it (v3)” iwlwifi: mvm: Free fw_status after use to avoid memory leak rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix kernel deadlock See announcement for full release

Kernel 4.0.4 released with more ARM Fixes

Greg Kroah-Hartman recently announced the release of Linux Kernel 4.0.4, which has been tagged the most advanced and stable kernel version currently available. The Linux kernel 4.0.4 patch includes fixes for the ARM hardware architecture issue, as well as updates for the ACPI, MMC, GPU (Radeon and Intel i915) devices. Linux Kernel 4.0.4 changelog drm/radeon: don’t setup audio on asics that don’t support it vfio: Fix runaway interruptible timeout sound/oss: fix deadlock in sequencer_ioctl(SNDCTL_SEQ_OUTOFBAND) ACPI / SBS: Add 5 us delay to fix SBS hangs on MacBook mmc: card: Don’t access RPMB partitions for normal read/write mnt: Fix fs_fully_visible to verify the root directory is visible ARM: dts: imx23-olinuxino: Fix polarity of LED GPIO ARM: mvebu: armada-xp-openblocks-ax3-4: Disable internal RTC ARM: dts: imx28: Fix AUART4 TX-DMA interrupt name ARM: 8307⁄1: psci: move psci firmware calls out of line ARM: dts: OMAP3-N900: Add microphone bias voltages and lots more

Install Linux Kernel 3.15.2 in Ubuntu 14.04

Greg KH has just announced the release of Linux Kernel 3.15.2, the second adjustment kernel release version 3.15 series. This Linux Kernel version comes with many bug fixes and improvements, most of which are bug fixes. As announced by Greg KH email, all users of the 3.14 kernel series must upgrade. Bug Fixes ipv4: fix a race in ip4_datagram_release_cb() net: tunnels – enable module autoloading slab: fix oops when reading /proc/slab_allocators Drivers: hv: balloon: Ensure pressure reports are posted regularly Fix endianness issue in ak8975_read_axis() Fix two mpl3115 issues in measurement conversio ASoC: dapm: Make sure to always update the DAPM graph in _put_volsw() hv: use correct order when freeing monitor_pages USB: cdc-acm: fix runtime PM imbalance at shutdown USB: cdc-acm: fix failed open not being detected USB: cdc-acm: fix open and suspend race MIPS: KVM: Allocate at least 16KB for exception handlers udp: ipv4: do not waste time in __udp4_lib_mcast_demux_lookup Click here for full change log Install Linux Kernel 3.

Linux Kernel 3.14.8 Released

Linux Kernel 3.14.8 has just been released and it comes with many bug fixes and improvements, most of which are support for new devices and bug fixes. As announced by Greg KH email, all users of the 3.14 kernel series must upgrade. Some of the bug fixes are outlined below: PCI/MSI: Fix memory leak in free_msi_irqs() ahci: add PCI ID for Marvell 88SE91A0 SATA Controller fs,userns: Change inode_capable to capable_wrt_inode_uidgid auditsc: audit_krule mask accesses need bounds checking rtl28xxu: add 1b80:d395 Peak DVB-T USB netfilter: ipv4: defrag: set local_df flag on defragmented skb rtl28xxu: add USB ID for Genius TVGo DVB-T03 rtl28xxu: add chipset version comments into device list ahci: Add Device ID for HighPoint RocketRaid 642L MIPS: asm: thread_info: Add _TIF_SECCOMP flag iser-target: Fix multi network portal shutdown regression target: Allow READ_CAPACITY opcode in ALUA Standby access state Target/iscsi,iser: Avoid accepting transport connections during stop stage rtl28xxu: add ID [0ccd:00b4] TerraTec NOXON DAB Stick (rev 3) mei: me: fix hw ready reset flow mei: me: drop harmful wait optimization mei: me: read H_CSR after asserting reset [button link=”https://www.

Security Vulnerabilities found in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS fixed

Canonical had just reported that a number of vulnerabilities found in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Linux Kernel had been fixed. According to Matthew Daley’s report, the following vulnerabilities where identified and fixed: An information leak in the floppy disk driver of the Linux kernel. An unprivileged local user could exploit this flaw to obtain potentially sensitive information from kernel memory A flaw in the handling of ioctl commands by the floppy disk driver in the Linux kernel.

Linux Kernel 3.15 RC releases till date and Install

I have put together a list of all Linux Kernel 3.15 releases starting from RC1 till date, including details of each release and how to install releases in Ubuntu, Linux Mint OSes. Linux Kernel 3.15 RC6 Release Date: May 22nd, 2014 [button link=”” style=”info” color=”primary”]Linux Kernel 3.15 RC6 Release Note[/button] Install Linux Kernel 3.15 RC6 32bit wget -c wget -c wget -c sudo dpkg -i linux-image-3.15*.deb linux-headers-3.15*.deb 64bit wget -c kernel.

Install/Upgrade to Kernel 3.14.3 in Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Linux Kernel 3.14.3 has been officially released with many changes and improvements, most of which are drivers related. This release fixes many issues such as lock migration crash, hang-up during booting, randconfig build errors and also inlcuding some improvements such as support for Intel Broadwell graphics, enhanced support for NVIDIA Tegra Prime and many more. All users of Kernel 3.14 series are urged to upgrade as soon as possible. See change log for details Step 1: Download Kernel Debs 32bit OS wget http://kernel.