Linux Kernel 3.15.2

Install Linux Kernel 3.15.2 in Ubuntu 14.04

Greg KH has just announced the release of Linux Kernel 3.15.2, the second adjustment kernel release version 3.15 series. This Linux Kernel version comes with many bug fixes and improvements, most of which are bug fixes. As announced by Greg KH email, all users of the 3.14 kernel series must upgrade. Bug Fixes ipv4: fix a race in ip4_datagram_release_cb() net: tunnels Рenable module autoloading slab: fix oops when reading /proc/slab_allocators Drivers: hv: balloon: Ensure pressure reports are posted regularly Fix endianness issue in ak8975_read_axis() Fix two mpl3115 issues in measurement conversio ASoC: dapm: Make sure to always update the DAPM graph in _put_volsw() hv: use correct order when freeing monitor_pages USB: cdc-acm: fix runtime PM imbalance at shutdown USB: cdc-acm: fix failed open not being detected USB: cdc-acm: fix open and suspend race MIPS: KVM: Allocate at least 16KB for exception handlers udp: ipv4: do not waste time in __udp4_lib_mcast_demux_lookup Click here for full change log Install Linux Kernel 3.