Libreoffice 5.0.0 Rc4

LibreOffice 5.0.0 RC4 released

LibreOffice 5.0.0 RC4 pre-release version had just been released, as such this version is not recommended for production use. As we know, LibreOffice is an open source productivity suite that provides all the necessary office components for small-business, educational and non-profit organizations. It is a powerful office suite; its clean interface and powerful tools let you unleash your creativity and grow your productivity. LibreOffice 5.0.0 RC4 changelog missing shape bg color uninitialized scalar field comply attributes name with FILESAVE: Pictures on buttons, created in forms, gone after reopening form Meta: Enhancing Impress/Draw toolbars and context menu EDITING – Calc Function suggestion too agressive Extend ODF to support some special scientific formats xlsx formula not importing correctly, with Table structured references in named expressions and MATCH lookup array creation Style preview in “Styles and Formatting” sidebar should be optional JRE defective message unless user installs Visual C++ 2010 runtimes UI: No bold headings in dialogues GetImplementationName method returns com.