cURL and libcurl 7.37.0 Released

cURL and libcurl version 7.37.0 had just been released yesterday and now available for install as promised by Daniel Stenberg. This release includes the following changes: URL parser: IPv6 zone identifiers are now supported CURLOPT_PROXYHEADER: set headers for proxy-only CURLOPT_HEADEROPT: added curl: add –proxy-header sasl: Added support for DIGEST-MD5 via Windows SSPI sasl: Added DIGEST-MD5 qop-option validation in native challange handling imap: Expanded mailbox SEARCH support to use URL query strings [7] imap: Extended FETCH support to include PARTIAL URL specifier [7] nss: implement non-blocking SSL handshake build: Reworked Visual Studio project files poll: enable poll on darwin13 mk-ca-bundle: added -p libtests: add a wait_ms() function [button link=”http://curl.