Leechcraft 0.6.70

LeechCraft 0.6.70 “Severance” – a cross-platform modular app released

LeechCraft 0.6.70 “Severance”, is a modular system, and by installing different modules you can customize the feature set, keeping off the things you don’t need and getting a decent IM client, media player or a feed reader. LeechCraft Features: Full-featured web-browser with support for all major web-standards Advanced multiprotocol modular IM client currently supporting XMPP (Jabber), IRC, WLM/MSN, MRIM and quite a few other protocols and with a bunch of features from metacontacts and Off-The-Record support to audio calls Collection-oriented media player with a lot of features from gapless playback and transcoding for removable devices to social features like recommended artists and nearby events.