Krita 2.9.1

Krita 2.9.1 Paint App released

Krita 2.9.1 recently released, is a robust, fast and flexible painting application that makes creating art from scratch or existing resources a fun and productive experience. This is the first bugfix release for Kitra 2.9. Krita 2.9.1 changelog Fix the outline cursor on CentOS 6.5 Update G’Mic to the very latest version (but the problems on Windows are still not resolved) Improve the layout of the filter layer/⁠mask dialog’s filter selector Fix the layout of the pattern selector for fill layers Remove the dependency of QtUiTools, which means that no matter whether the version Qt installed and the version Qt Krita was built agast differ, the layer metadata editors work Fix a bug that happened when switching between workspaces Fix bug 339357: the time dynamic didn’t start reliably Fix bug 344862: a crash when opening a new view with a tablet stylus Fix bug 344884: a crash when selecting too small a scale for a brush texture Fix bug 344790: don’t crash when resizing a brush while drawing Fix setting the toolbox to only one icon wide Fix bug 344478: random crash when using liquify Fix bug 344346: Fix artefacts in fill layers when too many parallel updates happened Fix bug 184746: merging two vector layers now creates a vector layer instead of rendering the vectors to pixels Add an option to disable the on-canvas notification messages (for some people, they slow down drawing) Fix bug 344243: make the preset editor visible in all circumstances Install Krita 2.