Kde 4.14

KDE 4.14 Last Major KDE Software Compilation Released

The KDE team has just announced the release of KDE 4.14 Software Compilation, which is the last major release of 4.x branch, and its dedicated to the memory of Volker Lanz, one of the maintainers KDE who passed away in April. This release KDE 4.14 offers more software stability, with little emphasis on new and less-proven stuff. Few of the key improvements and bugfixes made in the release includes: Support for SOCKS5 proxy in ICQ protocol (before only HTTP type was supported) Support for audio calls (both protocols libjingle Google and Real Jingle) for * all * Jabber Accounts, enabled by Default Show full range of jabber priorities in account config dialog New Lua backend Support to plot extension in Python 2 backend Improved VI mode Comment blocks can be folded automatically to save screen space Improved C ++ import (map declarations to correct namespace) Support for loading ArgoUML files (without Diagrams) Highlighting of the current item in the Places Panel is prettier Dolphin now shows thumbnails of .