Install Calibre 2.2

Calibre 2.2 Released with Improved news sources

Calibre 2.2┬áhas been released and this release comes with lots of changes, improvements, new features and bugfixes since 2.1 release. Noticeable changes includes added news source “The Hollywood Reporter by Darko Miletic”, and improved news sources which includes Common Dreams, LA Times, Spektrum der Wissenschaft, and Calibre 2.2 updates Kindle driver: Add option to not overwrite existing page number (apnx) files on the device when sending books to the device Kindle driver: Add option to allow customization of the page number (apnx) generation algorithm based on values in a custom column Metadata jacket: Allow customizing the jacket template to show the tags in alphabetical order View specific format window: If a conversion finishes in the background making a new format available, update the window E-book viewer: Automatically hide the mouse cursor if the mouse has not been used for a few seconds.