Http Server

Install Nginx 1.7.1 mainline in Ubuntu 14.04

Nginx (prononced as engine x) is a free open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server written by Igor Sysoev. Nginx powers several high-visibility sites, such as Netflix, Hulu, Pinterest, CloudFlare, Airbnb,, GitHub, SoundCloud, Zynga, Eventbrite, Zappos, Media Temple, Heroku, RightScale, Engine Yard and MaxCDN Key Features: Serving static and index files, autoindexing; open file descriptor cache; Accelerated reverse proxying with caching; simple load balancing and fault tolerance; Accelerated support with caching of FastCGI, uwsgi, SCGI, and memcached servers; simple load balancing and fault tolerance; Modular architecture.