Firefox 46 released with Linux Desktop GTK3 integration

Mozilla Firefox 46 was recently released by Mozilla team. A notable feature for GNU/Linux desktop users is the integration GTK3. In addition to this, this release is purely focused on the security and stability of Firefox on the desktop side. For mobile users, notable features are “Notifications about tabs opened in the background now list the URLs, History and Bookmarks items added to menu” and many more below. Mozilla Firefox 46 Desktop changelog New Improved security of the JavaScript Just In Time (JIT) Compiler GTK3 integration (GNU/Linux only) fixed Correct rendering for scaled SVGs that use a clip and a mask Various security fixes Screen reader behavior with blank spaces in Google Docs corrected changed WebRTC fixes to improve performance and stability developer Display dominator trees in Memory tool Allocation and garbage collection pause profiling in the performance panel Launch responsive mode from the Style Editor @media sidebar html5 Added support for document.

ClamAV 0.99 AntiVirus Released for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows

ClamAV 0.99 AntiVirus recently released, contains major new features and changes. YARA rules, Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, revamped on-access scanning for Linux, and other new features join the many great features of ClamAV: Processing of YARA rules (some limitations- see signatures.pdf). Support in ClamAV logical signatures for many of the features added for YARA, such as Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, alternate strings, and YARA string attributes. See signatures.