Gnome 3.14

GNOME 3.16 released with Nautilus Enhancements

GNOME 3.16 is the latest version of GNOME 3, and is the result of six months’ work by the GNOME project. It includes major new features, as well as a large number of smaller improvements and enhancements. The release incorporates 33525 changes, made by approximately 1043 contributors. New features and improvements being introduced in GNOME 3.16 include: Notifications Reimagined GNOME 3’s notifications system has been overhauled for 3.

Time to Install Gnome 3.14 on Ubuntu 14.10

GNOME 3.14 the latest version of GNOME 3, which was recently released brings many new features and improvements. The new release includes over 28,000 changes by 871 contributors. This latest release includes major improvements for developers, including GTK+ Inspector (a new utlity to examine and modify running GTK+ applications), the ability to use SVG assets as a part of GTK+ themes, improved touchscreen support, and major progress towards Wayland. Jeff Fortin, GNOME Foundation President, said: “_With multitouch and gestures support coming to GTK+, as well as maturing support for the next-generation Wayland display protocol, GNOME is paving the way for the future of the Free Software desktop and mobile ecosystem at large….

Road to GNOME 3.14

GNOME 3.14 is the latest Gnome update and is scheduled to be released later this month and its expected to bring in a whole new set of features, and improvements, including bug fixes since the last release. Though Gnome 3.14 release notes is yet to be released, Allan Day – GNOME user experience designer, has shared a sneak preview of what is in stock with this release: The most noticeable feature is the new “swarm” animation effect when launching applications GNOME’s Photos app has been improved upon, now Gnome photos will now pick up your Google photos, with support for images uploaded with Picasa, Android, or posted on Google+ Adwaita has been written and this includes around 8,000 lines of CSS reduced to about 3,300 lines.