Configure iSCSI connection on FreeNAS

In continuation from previous post (Installing FreeNAS on VirtualBox), I will setup the additional storage earlier added and configure FreeNAS for iSCSI target. Note: You need a windows machine to access the FreeNAS admin page via a web browser – Log onto a windows machine on the network and browse the FreeNAS VM IP Address (http://). Enter the username and password used in previous post – Next is to configure the additional storage and make it available for clustering.

Installing FreeNAS v8.3.1 on VirtualBox 4.2.12

Hi all, this post will cover the installing of FreeNAS on VirtualBox. This will serve as the backbone for upcoming clustering posts. To be begin, you need the following: Requirement: – Download the latest FreeNAS here – Download and install VirtualBox Setup: – Launch VirtualBox and click on New button – Under Create Virtual Machine, enter name of server, select BSD as type and select appropriate version of FreeNAS downloaded (x86 or x64) – Allocate at least 512mb of memory to this VM –¬†Create a new virtual hard drive – Select drive type but will recommend you stick to VDI format – Select either Dynamic or Fixed disk – Allocate at least 4GB of space for the hard disk and choose location you want the disk created – Select the newly created VM and click on Settings.