Ffmpeg 2.6.1

FFmpeg 2.6.1 released with support for Nvidia Video Encoder

FFmpeg 2.6.1 “Grothendieck” recently released, is the leading multimedia framework, cross-platform solution that is used to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play any audio or video files. A notable addition to this release is the support for NVENC — the Nvidia Video Encoder interface for H.264 encoding. FFmpeg 2.6.1 update People in the broadcasting industry might also be interested in the first steps of closed captions support with the introduction of a decoder Regarding filters love, improvement had been made including support for 10-bit in spp Addition of colorlevels (yet another color handling filter), tblend (allowing you to for example run a diff between successive frames of a video stream), or the dcshift audio filter There are also two important filters landing in libavfilter: palettegen and paletteuse.