Opera 34 – New Opera Turbo, Faster browsing on 3G and crowded Wi-Fi

Opera recently released an update of Opera 34 for computers which comes with the new version of data-savings technology, Opera Turbo. Opera 34 for computers makes life even easier because it has the next generation of Opera Turbo compression. It’s faster and more reliable, especially if the network has very low bandwidth and high latency. This new version of Opera Turbo performs even better on congested Wi-Fi areas, such as cafés, airports or schools.

Boot Linux In Just One Second

In this years Embedded Linux Conference Europe, one interesting presentation was how-to boot Linux in just one second. Jan Altenberg of Linutronix presented how to achieve this feat of booting Linux in under one second. Linux as we know, became one of the most popular Embedded Operating Systems. Its scalability, the real-time capabilities and the excellent energy saving functions are outstanding. But there are still a couple of use cases where the usual power saving functions are not good enough: Automotive components usually need to be switched of for standby, because even the lowest power states of an embedded device are still consuming to much energy.