Evolve Os

Geary 0.7.0 Now Available for Evolve OS

Geary 0.7.0 as announced by Ikey is now available for Evolve OS. Geary is a GTK+ IMAP email client reader designed to let you read your email quickly and effortlessly. Its interface is based on conversations, so you can easily read an entire discussion without having to click from message to message. Geary Key Features Includes Modern and straightforward interface Quick account setup Supports Gmail, Yahoo!

Evolve OS Alpha 3 Released

Following the successful release of Evolve OS Alpha 1 early this year, Ikey Doherty the developer has just announced the release of Evolve OS Alpha 3. According to Ikey, this release is the third and final alpha release of the Evolve OS images, as there is plan to move towards daily-builds and then to the beta stages. For now, the Alpha 3 image is only suitable for 64-bit machines, and is not yet EFI capable.