Enlightenment Dr

Enlightenment DR 0.20.3 Released with bugfix

Enlightenment DR 0.20.3 recently released, improves on the 0.20.2 release and resolves a number of issues. Enlightenment is an open-source desktop environment, which contains customization with animations, effects and dedicated applications. Enlightenment 0.20.3 changelog: e randr – fix randr dialog to do restore right again Fix xbl_avail variable being used when it could be undefined Fix spelling in .pc file e_grabinput: do not pass a faulty time block input devices from backlight list unpopulate all gadcons during shutdown add shelf callback for hidden state and trigger extra hide-on-show if hiding un-defer comp util object hiding if second hide occurs during animation add special case for frame adjustment during first recalc of new clients test given coordinates in smart window placement algorithm remove wayland function usage from grabinput methods simplify and clarify winlist directional selection action code check all corners of an object in e_comp_object_util_zone_get() disable custom logging when eina backtrace is active select mixer popup sink after popup has been fully initialized optimize zoomap recalc during recursion make ibar config pointer EINTERN do full cleanup when overriding existing comp autoclose object remove configs for illume modules allow NULL object in e_comp_object_util_autoclose() improve menu hiding and autoclose make E_DESK_TYPE an int define enforce border_fix_on_shelf_toggle config option in shelf create comp object updates tiler in helper function from either show or damage do not unset comp object native surface during shape apply unset WM_STATE for x11 clients upon unmapping them if available, use wl output (nested) for wayland compositor creation use more correct defines for enabling wl output modules during comp init automatically attempt to create a wayland x11 output during comp init

Enlightenment DR 0.19.13 released as bugfix improvement on the 0.19.12 release

Enlightenment DR 0.19.13 recently released, is a rich feature set, fast, modular and extensible window manager for X11 and Linux with a whole suite of libraries to help you create beautiful user interfaces with much less work. It provides an efficient yet breathtaking window manager based on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) along with other essential desktop components like a file manager, desktop icons and widgets. Enlightenment is comprised of both the Enlightenment window manager and Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL), which provide additional desktop environment features such as a toolkit, object canvas, and abstracted objects.