Manjaro Linux 0.8.13 now ship with XFCE 4.12

Manjaro Linux 0.8.13 recently released, is a user-friendly GNU/Linux distribution based on the independently developed Arch Linux. This release ships with XFCE 4.12 tweaked and patched to have the best XFCE experience possible, Plasma 5.3.1, KDE Frameworks 5.10.0 and latest KDE Apps 15.04.1. Manjaro Linux 0.8.13 changelog New in XFCE Thunar file manager finally supports tabs and other cool features like inverting the selection, improves on location handling and the shortcuts side pane.

Install ExTix 14.1 64bit on VirtualBox

ExTiX is a Linux distribution based on both Debian and Ubuntu operating system. It removes the Unity desktop environment and replaces it with the GNOME 3 and GNOME Classic desktop environments. The latest release v14.1 64bit which was released 2014-04-17 is based on Debian (Jessie0 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr). According to the developer (Exton), this current release is: Now stable and all packages have been upgraded to latest version.