Enlightenment 0.20.9 released, Install on Ubuntu

Enlightenment 0.20.9 recently released, is a bugfix release that improves on the 0.20.8 release and resolves a number of issues. Enlightenment is an open-source desktop environment, which contains customization with animations, effects and dedicated applications. Enlightenment 0.20.9 changelog e start – no it doesny need dbus-launch e – suspend.hibernat intelligently – dont account for ac power stop filling logs with buffer transform/scale spam change ‘if’ clause to make gcc-6 happy enlightenment_open: correctly return the exist status code of the executed command just a small patch to make sure evry_hide does not get called synchronously from an Evry_Action Updating italian translation remove pulse sinks/sources from list before running cbs which access the list fix e_place_zone_region_smart_cleanup() add client util function for detecting popups, block popups in ibar/tasks update README.