Cumulus – A Linux Desktop Weather App released

Cumulus, a weather app which was recently resurrected by Daryl Bennett, is a simple Linux desktop weather application with a clean aesthetic. Cumulus for those who may not know the history chain was forked from Typhoon (a community based version) which was based on Stormcloud by Jono Cooper. According to the developer, the apps forecasts are powered by the latest Yahoo! Weather API. Cumulus comes with a number of attractive features: Set a custom background color and Location Adjust opacity Choose between various temperatures such as celsius, fahrenheit, & kelvin Select your desired wind speed unit as follows miles/h, kilometre/h, metres/s Toggle Unity Launcher badge Few Known Bugs There are a few grey clouds spoiling an otherwise bright first run Some opacity issues on first-run Dead links Broken support pages Credits panel that credits the old developers Window isn’t resizable may annoy some of you Install Cumulus on on Ubuntu 16.