FFmpeg 2.8.5 Has Been Released

FFmpeg 2.8.5 recently released, is the leading multimedia framework, cross-platform solution that is used to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream,filter and play any audio or video files. FFmpeg provides the ffmpeg tool for converting multimedia files, the ffserver streaming tool, the ffplay media player based on SDL and ffmpeg libraries and the ffprobe multimedia stream analyzer. FFmpeg 2.8.5 changelog avformat/hls: Even stricter URL checks avformat/hls: More strict url checks avcodec/pngenc: Fix mixed up linesizes avcodec/pngenc: Replace memcpy by av_image_copy() swscale/vscale: Check that 2 tap filters are bilinear before using bilinear code swscale: Move VScalerContext into vscale.