How to use/install bot on Android phone

Agario or is the latest hit online game in the world now and its a must play game. The game play is for you to try to become the biggest cell or circle of them all. Control your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger. In this tutorial I will be showing how to use/install the agario / bot on an android phone – On your android phone install Dolphin Browser – Install Tampermonkey Dolphin app – Open the installed Dolphin browser Access my website “sysads.

[GAME]Circle Pong Challenge

Introducing the latest entertaining game on the Android platform – Circle Pong Challenge for your Android operating system devices. All you need to do is keep the ball bouncing in the circle ** Game Play ** ✔ Keep the ball inside the circle by simply tapping the left and right controls. ✔ Keeping the ball inside the circle earns you points ✔ Earn more points and top the leaders board list

[GAME] Target The Dot released – My First Game

Experience the brand new Target The Dot game. This is an addictive and fun game you do not want to miss this year 2015. The game design is unique and appealing. The objective of the game is easy to discover as soon as you start playing. Target The Dot – game play is to hit the rotating circle target area colored black by launching the trigger (arrow like triangle). To take it further, hit the spinning red dot to double your lead.