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Neverware Has Created An USB Flash Drive That Transforms An Old PC Into A Chromebook

The Chromebook is a laptop which runs Chrome OS, developed by a vendor assigned by Google (similar to the Nexus devices). Despite the fact that the company has made some parts of Chrome OS available as open-source via Chromium, there aren’t too many Chromium images available for non-chromebooks. But things are about to change. Neverware, which has worked with Google, has created a software that turns any old computer into a Chromebook.

Chrome OS Graphics Stack replaced with Freon

Early this month, Google announced the release of it’s latest stable Chrome OS 41.0.2272.76. This release comes with a notable change which is the replacement of Chrome OS default graphics stack X11 with Freon on some devices. According to the announcement, Google has decided to develop their own graphics stack “Freon” to improve the performance of graphics on devices. Freon is designed to provide better performance, lower power consumption and binary file size.

Chrome OS 40 Beta channel updated

The newest Chrome OS 40 Beta channel release includes several new developer features to help you make richer, more compelling web content and apps, especially for mobile devices. Unless otherwise noted, changes described below apply to Chrome for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. Service Workers This release adds service workers, a powerful new API that allows developers to make sites work offline by intercepting network requests to deliver programmatic or cached responses.