Chatty 0.8.3, a Twitch Chat Client released, Install on Ubuntu 16.04

Chatty 0.8.3 released 2 months ago, is a Twitch chat client for everyone who wants to try something new and different from the webchat, but doesn’t want the complexity of an IRC client or miss out on the Twitch specific features. Chatty 0.8.3 Changelog Improvements Added display of timeout duration/reason (can be configured in the settings) Updated commands /ban and /timeout (/to) to allow giving a reason Added intitial support for new re-subscription messages Added ability to follow/unfollow channels, either through the context menus (under Miscellaneous) or the new commands /follow and /unfollow Added support for FFZ Featured Emotes, which are frequently available in channels of Speedrunning events (not to confuse with FFZ Feature Friday) Added setting (under Ignore – Ignored Users) to hide users ignored on chat from joins/parts and userlist as well Added state display for emote-only mode in titlebar Added simple search to tables in the Settings Dialog (click into a table column and start typing, Backspace or wait to reset search) Extended Stream Status Writer to include number of Followers/Subscribers (only updates correctly when the Follower/Subscribers dialog is open) Updated help Login Added info to login dialog when token was set through -token parameter Added setting to prevent token from being set through -token parameter when login data is already available in Chatty Added “Follow channels” access (you need to re-request login data to get it) System Restrict size of session debug log file Automatically exit application when too many errors occur (which should never happen, but if it does, this should prevent affecting the rest of the system) Added some Mac specific shortcuts Improved debug logging Bugfixes Fixed not being able to join (and perform some other actions) through context menu, for channels that contain spaces in the display name Install Chatty 0.