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Stunt Rally 2.4 Released with Improvements

Stunt Rally is an open source racing game with over 147 tracks in 26 sceneries and 19 cars + 4 vehicles. The game modes include: Single Race, Tutorials, Championships, Challenges, Multiplayer and Split Screen. Also Replays and Ghost drive are present. In addition, the Track Editor allows creating and modifying tracks. Stunt Rally 2.4 Key Features 2 New sceneries: Crystals, GreeceWhite 3 New cars, 4 renewed cars and 2 old deleted cars New simulation – Spaceship hovercrafts New sky textures, on half of tracks New static objects on few tracks Dropped SceneryID, each track has own cache Car tab with bars for stats, speed graph, short list view Split, to new Graphics and Tweak tabs Fonts bigger and resized with resolution Welcome screen with game Hints, shown on first run Sounds for win, loose, lap, best time, wrong checkpoint Fixed multiplayer (nick appeared twice) Damage from terrain, height fog, fluids on few tracks Possible to have different road surfaces on 1 track Color pick window with H,S,V sliders (for light,fog,trail colors) Mode is now an image (not text Cam,Edit,Gui) Pick window for skies, sky rotation Height brush, Space – pick height from cursor Fixed edit mouse move crash Linear speed sensitive steering, graph on Gui New graph (visualization) to help developing tire parameters Install Stunt Rally 2.